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 About CREATE! 

A simple technology for creating the life you loVE with 3 paths to choose from:

  1. Join a virtual workshop with other creators
  2. Read the book to learn what you need at your own pace (DIYers)
  3. Schedule private sessions with the author/founder/coach for FAST integration



is a simple 7-step process you can practice regularly in whatever time you have available that enables you to tap into your own inherent wisdom and your deepest creative source at will. You can use this process to solve your most pressing problems, to break through whatever is holding you back, to live a more free and passionate life, and to reach the goals you hold most dear. To become your most authentic, awesome self.

CREATE! is just that process.

  • Practitioners have used CREATE! to do the following:
  • Break through blocks to completing academic degrees
  • Develop a method for analyzing qualitative data
  • Uncover titles for a series of paintings for an art show
  • Write novels, poems, paint pictures, assemble collages
  • Reach important personal and professional goals
  • Start new businesses
  • Gain clarity on issues impacting health and wellness
  • Provide reliable access to individual and collective wisdom
  •  Explore spiritual questions and realms
  • Integrate discoveries into living fully and passionately

The term “create” is used in its widest sense as this process is designed to allow anyone access to depth creativity anytime anywhere. Based in relevant integrated brain wave research, the work is a potent marriage of art and science. CREATE! workshops use words and images as its most universally accessible vehicles but you can apply it anywhere you choose. Movement, music, and visual media are other domains where CREATE! produces consistently positive results. It has proven to be both expansive and practical, in that it has broad application. 

CREATE!‘s potential and application are truly limitless. Because of its universality, CREATE! enhances personal evolution and supports wider social change.

The process works equally well for those who identify as practicing creatives – artists, writers, composers, dancers, inventors – and for those who think they don’t have a single creative cell in their bodies.

Individuals can benefit from a CREATE! practice in coming to know themselves more deeply and in working through obstacles to their growth and happiness.

In the corporate and organizational arenas, teams can use it to enhance creativity and innovation and as a novel way to build teamwork and mutuality.

Regular practice groups convened among friends, colleagues, families and spiritual communities will enable individuals to maintain a steady practice while boosting the impact through a shared experience.

7 Steps

The 7-step CREATE! process enables you to dive into the infinite pool where your deepest creative source resides and retrieve its perfect and valuable pearls. As you resurface, you are invited to make use of these treasures in your daily life.

The workshops and book are organized by devoting one chapter to each of the seven steps of the process. Each chapter includes both the “how” of that step, examples to bring it to life and a “practice” for you, the creator, to engage in. The seven steps follow:

Remove Barriers
Explore Intentions
Activate Brain Waves
Think Bilaterally

Meet the Founder of CREATE!

I am a creatrix, maker, coach, workshop leader, spiritual guide, yoga teacher, artist and more.

My guiding vision is to creating a world of peaceful abundance for all beings through service to spirit in the evolution of our mutual creativity, joy and consciousness.

My current passions include:

  • Trillium Awakening spiritual path
  • Paddle boarding
  • Art including macro paintings of insects
  • Gardening with a permaculture ethic
  • Dancing – 5Rhythms, contra, clogging, couples
  • Helping my community lean into a sustainably, just, vibrant economy and culture

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