End of Racism

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You were certain. Therefore you have no choice.
You have seen what should never have been seen.
You have learned the secrets of the cabal.
You can not unsee. You can not unlearn.
You are certain that having broken your heart, it can never be unbroken. Therefore you have no choice but to take the next step down the dark and fearful alley, unarmed and unclear of your destination.
Therefore you have no choice but to trust the goodness in every stranger you encounter.

You’re lucky. Your hair is white. Your skin is white.
You’re a grandmother.
To most you are safe, harmless, unnoticeable, even invisible.
What they can’t see is the wrath of Kali burning in your chest.
The dragon lady fire building in your bowels.
The weapon of love your wield mercilessly.
Therefor you have no choice but to use the voice that was silenced so long by the terrorism of patriarchy.
Therefor you have no choice but to slay the purveyors of stasis with the truth of which you are certain.
The truth from which you no longer cower.
The truth which you no longer shirk or deny.

Your disgust and shame burn in the furnace of anger. The path is being cleared by the bulldozers of reparation. No statue of inequity will stand in their path.
No edifice of inequality will survive them.
The season of destruction has arrived.

No matter the architects of alternatives have no plans. No matter the supply chain is uncertain.
No matter the funds are frozen.

The vision has arms and legs that are marching.
The vision has millions of bodies that are protesting.
The vision roars with the voice of generations, not to be silenced. The vision is as relentless as the tides, not be stopped.
The vision has invaded your heart, your bones, your blood. Therefore you have no choice.

Like a virus, it will use you as its host.
It will mutate, thrive, grow.
No one is ultimately immune, though its path through the population is unpredictable.
Therefore you have no choice.

You host a virus of equality. You host a virus of sufficiency. You host a virus of opportunity. You host a virus of unity.
You host a virus of love.

© 2020 Joanne Lee


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