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Thanks for joining this community of creators. 2020 has forced us all out of our comfort zones, demanding innovation, risk taking and stepping out of the known into the unknown. For me, that has meant offering virtual workshops when I thought that was still a couple of years away. With 4 virtual workshops behind me already this year, I can say I’m truly grateful that I got nudged — ok, shoved — into the online world. Zoom has made offering CREATE! workshops doable for me and it doesn’t hurt that it’s rapidly becoming a familiar format for most of the creators that show up. Seems we’re now all as comfortable on Zoom as we have been sitting around our living rooms. Oh, wait, most of us are still sitting around our living rooms, only now onscreen.

You may be wondering why I capitalize CREATE! and follow it with an exclamation point. It’s an acronym for the 7-step process I teach that enables you to create what you want in your life. We’ve all had lots of good advice over the years like “do what you love and the money will follow” and we all learned The Secret of the Law of Attraction. Yet many are still not creating consistent results in their lives or they’re doing some of what they love in their free time but working at jobs they don’t love — or hate — to stay afloat.

Creating is a natural and daily part of being human. We create a “look” everyday in our choice of clothes. Some might create a hairstyle or make up their face. We create playlists for music. We create meals and new recipes. We create environments that we feel at home in, or not. We create relationships, families, businesses. Yet, most of us never actually learning the technology of creating. The necessary steps to take to get consistent results time after time. And how to know which step to take when the possibilities are limitless. And how to interpret results that aren’t what we planned or wanted. CREATE! is an answer to all that.

Looking outside ourselves for answers is also a natural part of being human. As we grow up, we look to the adults around us — parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, older siblings — to answer our questions and model adult behavior. For many of us, those models weren’t the best. As adults we may stay stuck in patterns of behavior that don’t work for us or we may turn to the professionals — teachers, therapists, coaches, self-help writers, religious leaders, tarot readers, astrologists, psychics and more. I’ve turned to them all in my life. But in my 30’s, still relatively early in my adulting, I was gifted with some advice from within. Actually, I was pretty sure it was the word of god; it certainly wasn’t anything I would have said or anyway I would have said it. This is what I heard:

Listen to your inner voice.

Act on that knowledge.

Rejoice in what you do.

I was gobsmacked. That was not my voice. That did not come from me. How unnerving. Where did that come from? And never mind where it came from, how was I supposed to do that? It took almost 20 years before I was able to finally answer those questions.

CREATE! Is the way that I can now, whenever I choose, listen to my inner voice. And act on what I receive. And rejoice. That’s why I teach this process — because I know we all have our own best wisdom buried inside and most people don’t know how to sort through the various voices in their heads to find it. There’s nothing wrong with therapists (I highly recommend them), tarot card readers or astrologers or any other helpers. What I do know without a doubt is that your best guide is inside you, ready and willing to tell you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.


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