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Reviews & Praise About CREATE!

“I am a visual artist; writing has always been hard for me. Joanne assured me that I could choose to paint rather than write for her Create! online workshop. What a surprise that once in the group I decided to use the Create! process to try writing instead of painting. I felt safe in the process, which consists of clearly delineated steps, including meditation/relaxation, a clear in- tention for each piece and (best of all) a time limit for the writing. Post writing we were offered the opportuity to read our writing aloud. Joanne is a loving and gifted teacher. I felt safe, not only trying something new and uncomfortable, but also to dare reading my writing aloud. It is a bit scary to read aloud something that I haven’t first read over to myself. But it turned out to be such a gift. I heard the words freshly, as if for the first time, because others were listening. I was repeatedly surprised by their power and coherance. Joanne listened deeply and responded with insightful reflection which helped me deepen further into the process of revelation. Something magical happened doing this writing process with others. In spite of each of us having different intentions, synchronous themes emerged, making the whole all the more profound. I highly recommend this workshop!”

— KB

The CREATE! class surpassed my hopes and expectations by a wide margin. Not only did it im- prove my writing style – people in my memoir writing group commented, that it is looser and more right-brained and relaxed, – but surprising connections between events emerged in my writings. Deep relaxation led to being astonished at what flowed out of my pen. I also appreciat- ed the support, and the atmosphere of safety, trust and respect you set for the whole class. Thank you.

— EE

One thing I really appreciated from this class is slowing down while being creative – it helped get the critic away from the front driver seat. What I’m most excited by is the opposite of what I ex- pected to get: I thought I’d “produce more” but I’m valuing the chance to experience my feelings, and also practicing coming into alignment with my intentions. I’m so grateful for your teaching, and the wonderful information exchange and connection with my fellow participants.

— AB

This class is affecting me way more than I could have imagined. In my daily life between the weekly classes I notice how the writing process was really working me on a deep level.

— TW

I really loved Joanne’s class and got way more from it than I anticipated. The writing block I’ve had since I was 12 has eased and is on the way out. I so appreciated the other people in the class and thought Joanne’s teaching and facilitation was excellent.

— MS

I came into this class just looking to become more at ease with writing, and I’ve gotten so much more! I’m a creative person, but taking this class made me realize I hadn’t been genuinely sur- prised by what’s come out of me for a long time. I cherish this – the holy source of creation. I also loved the community we created.

— DH

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