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is a simple, easy creative process you can practice regularly in whatever time you have available that enables you to tap into your own inherent wisdom and your deepest creative source at will. You can use this process to solve your most pressing problems, to break through whatever is holding you back, to live a more free and passionate life, and to reach the goals you hold most dear. To become your most authentic, awesome self.

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7 Steps

The seven-step CREATE! process prepares you for a dive into the great pool where your deepest creative source resides, allows you to make the dive to retrieve its perfect and valuable pearls, and then guides you to resurface to make use of these treasures in your daily life. This book is organized by devoting one chapter to each of the seven steps of the process. Each chapter includes both the “how” of that step, examples to bring it to life and a “practice” for you, the reader, to engage in. The seven steps follow:
Remove Barriers
Explore Intentions
Activate Brain Waves
Think Bilaterally

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